Studio Rules


Student Rules and Regulations

Please do not attempt any skill or move that you are unsure of and do not attempt anything beyond your ability or comfort level. 

  • Remove your shoes upon entering the studio.

  • The studio owner or instructors are not responsible for lost or stolen property. Please secure your personal belongings.

  • Please arrive on time. We highly recommend coming to class 5-10 minutes early.

  • Students arriving later than 15 minutes will not be admitted to class.

  • Students arriving late must quietly enter and warm up completely.

  • Habitual tardiness is disruptive and will NOT be tolerated.

  • Refunds will NOT be given for late arrivals if you are turned away. Class credit will be forfeited.  

  • Immediately notify your instructor of any injury or illness.

  • Please do not come to class sick.

  • Do not consume any drugs or alcohol prior to or during class.

  • Smoking or vaping are not allowed in or around the studio.

  • No pets allowed.

  • No one under the age of 18 allowed without parental consent.

  • No unpaid guests or observers are allowed.

  • Keep cell phone use to a minimum. No talking on the phone during class.

  • Do not bring open containers of liquid. All bottles of water/drinks must have a secure lid and be kept closed when not in use.

  • Videotaping and photography of yourself is allowed and encouraged.

  • Videotaping and photography of instructors or other students is strictly prohibited unless explicit permission is given.

  • Students are not permitted to instruct other students in classes, workshops or other studio events and trainings. You must ask an instructor for assistance.