Class Descriptions

Below are brief descriptions of the classes we offer. If you have any questions about your ability or placement in any class, please contact us and we will assist you in finding the best class and level for your ability. 

We believe in keeping students challenged and engaged therefore you will find that many of our classes will rotate and change from time to time. You will find our core classes on a regular basis each week. Our core classes include Intro to Pole, Beginner 1, Intermediate Pole, Intro to Lyra, Beginner Lyra, Flexibility and Open Pole.



Beginner Pole Level 1

Intro to Pole and Beginner Pole Level 1 classes are for anyone new to pole and all levels of beginners. We will focus on introducing you to the basic elements and key terms of pole dancing. We will break down beginner pole spins, tricks and dance movements so that you leave with a clear understanding of the mechanics and function of each trick and motion. In addition, you will also begin to explore the basics of sensual movement and how to connect your body to music and movement. You will learn short pole sequences that will incorporate some of your newly acquired pole skills as well some sensual and sexy floor moves.

Recommended skills: None

Attire: Leggings or shorts, a tank top and bare feet or socks.


Beginner Pole Level 2

Beginner Pole Level 2 classes are for students who are comfortable with most basic pole spins and basic pole dance elements. Level 2 students should have a basic understanding of beginner pole terms, pole grips, pirouettes, sensual flow and floor movements. You will begin developing pole combos with smooth transitions as well learn the fundamentals of efficient and beautiful pole climbs. In this level you will learn and develop more complex pole tricks, one-handed spins, shoulder rolls and upright aerial spins. At this level you may be ready to explore more opportunities for freestyle dance and move away from your routines.

Recommended skills: Fireman spin, front hook, back hook, chair spin, pole pirouette and pole sit.

Attire: shorts/yoga shorts, tank tops/sports bra, leg warmers, knee pads (optional), bare feet or heels.

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Intermediate Level 1

Intermediate Level 1 classes are for students that have a solid foundation of beginner pole spins, tricks, transitions and pole climbs. You should be comfortable with aerial spins and tricks as well as one-handed ground spins, multiple styles of pirouettes and be comfortable with your floor and dance movement. You will learn and understand the mechanics of various ground inversions, descending inversions, leg hooks, shoulder mounts from the ground as well as upright aerial pole combos. Your pole climb will begin to become uniquely you as you develop dimension and creativity in your climb. You will find your strength and flexibility noticeably increasing each week with consistent practice.

Recommended skills: beginner pole spins, pirouettes, basic floorwork, a solid pole climb and ability to freestyle.

Attire: pole shorts, tank top or sports bra, leg warmers, knee pads, bare feet and/or heels

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Intermediate Level 2

Intermediate pole 2 classes will begin to take your pole skills and inversions up the pole. You will learn how to aerial invert, aerial shoulder mount and transition to tricks and combos involving lesser points of contact. Your ground pole work will involve more complex connections and less points of contact. This class will provide you with the tools and understanding you need to develop dynamic and complex pole combos and dance movements. At this level your freestyle will be something you crave and love. You will begin to let your hair down and let your body slither, slide, roll and fly.

Recommended skills: Leg hangs, solid ground invert, various pole climbs, shoulder mount, butterfly, superman, jasmine and apprentice.

Attire: pole shorts, tank top or sports bra, leg warmers, knee pads (optional), bare feet and/or heels.

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Advanced Pole

Advanced pole is for those students who are proficient both in ground and aerial inversions, tricks, transitions and have multiple climb variations. In this class you will be taught creative and dynamic pole combos and floorwork. Pole combos will include both ground and aerial inversions. You will be challenged both on the pole and in your dance movement.

Recommended skills: Ground and aerial invert (both sides), shoulder mount, inverted climb, extended butterfly, jade, allegra, handspring, brass monkey, leg hangs (both sides) and ayesha.

Attire: pole shorts, tank top or sports bra, leg warmers, knee pads, bare feet and/or heels.

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intro to lyra/beginner lyra

This class is suitable for all new and beginner lyra students. 

This class is suitable for all first time and beginner lyra students.
This class will introduce you to the beauty of lyra both as an aerial art form as well as an excellent source of fitness. This class will also introduce the basic terms and movements of lyra so that you become familiar and comfortable with this new apparatus. We work on conditioning that helps you build strength for aerial. In addition, you will learn basic lyra poses, holds and transitions. 

Attire: Leggings or form fitting pants and a tank or t-shirt. 

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beginner/intermediate lyra combos

This class is suitable for beginner lyra students that have a solid foundation with most beginner lyra tricks and transitions. 

The goal of this class is to learn how to move with the lyra so it becomes a part of you, an extension of you, and amplifies your natural movement. Be ready to get strong and discover things you didn't imagine yourself doing in the air. You will develop strength, balance, and grace as you progress. We will work on conditioning that helps you build strength for more dynamic lyra movements, in addition to learning sequences and progressions of tricks, holds, poses and transitions.

Attire: Leggings, tank or t-shirt, bare feet or socks. 

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flexibility-all levels 

This class is for students of any level or ability who would like to increase and strengthen their flexibility and mobility or for those wishing to expand on their current flexibility training. We know the journey to increasing your flexibility and mobility can be a challenging one. This class will utilize proper body alignment and techniques needed to build a solid foundation. Movements will include both static and active stretches. Students will use props such as yoga blocks and straps to support their bodies as needed. Each student will be guided at their comfort own level and ability. All equipment will be supplied.

Recommended skills: None

Attire: Leggings or shorts, comfortable top, bare feet or socks. 


inversions and climbs

This class is all about strengthening and solidifying your inversions and pole climbs.  If you are ready to begin inverting and enhance your pole climbs or if you would like to strengthen your inverts this class is for you. In order to attend this class you must have mastered all beginner spins and tricks. This class will focus on safe and efficient inversion and climbing techniques as well as conditioning to enhance your current inversion level. 

Prerequisites: Mastery of all basic spins, tricks, and holds.

Attire: Pole or yoga shorts.  


Pole Conditioning, Climbing & Core

Pole Conditioning, Climbing and Core will aid you in becoming stronger on and off the pole. This class will also serve to strengthen and enhance your pole climbs. It will give you the tools and essential elements you need to develop an efficient and beautiful climb and enhance your core strength. Elevate your climbs, condition your body and develop your core!

Recommended skills:  A pole climb is helpful but if you are not quite ready to climb this class will surely get you there.

Attire: Pole/yoga shorts, bare feet and/or heels. 

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Low Pole Flow and Sensual Movement

Low Pole Flow and Sensual Movement is an all ground pole flow and movement based class. This class will aid you in developing your floor work, sensual and sexy movement as well as help you develop a deeper connection to music and your body. It will help you discover the importance of breathing and the mind/body connection to music. You will learn beginner floor and ground level pole flow sequences you can use, mix and match or just add to your current bag of tricks. This class will also introduce you to the use of other props such as the chair or the wall so that you can begin to expand your dance horizons. You will also begin to develop a greater understanding of music connections both physically and emotionally.

Recommended skills: We recommend 4 weeks of prior pole instruction. 

Attire: Pole/yoga shorts or leggings, knee pads (optional), bare feet, socks or heels.


cardio twerk

Work it, wiggle it and make it bounce! No booty is too big or too small for this class, so come shake what your mama gave you! In this class you'll learn the basics of twerking and booty bouncing. Your new found booty skills will be incorporated into cardio filled routines and sequences. This class is sure to make you sweat and get your booty moving and grooving! 

Recommended skills: None 

Attire: All thing you can move freely in.  


Just Dance

This is an all dance and movement based class. This class will begin with a sensual warm up, mild workout and soothing stretch. Just dance will then challenge you to explore your own style of dance and sensual movement through a variety of exercises designed to encourage and promote personal growth and creativity. We highly encourage you to bring your own songs and dress in whatever makes you feel ultra sexy, alluring and strong. This class is all about exploring your own dance style, movement, musicality and dance fashion. You will also be challenged with dance assignments, intentions and have the opportunity to dance to various music styles.

Recommended skills: We recommend 4 weeks of prior pole instruction. 

Attire: Anything you feel comfortable in. If you desire we welcome all those sultry outfits you’ve stashed away or anything that makes you feel amazing whether it’s a baggy pair of sweats, a bikini, or those cute booty shorts with the garters and stockings. Bring it all because you never know what dance mood you will be in!  


Train Your Tricks

This is an open level class for students wanting to polish their pole tricks or dance movements. It can also be a time to learn a new trick or work toward some of your pole goals. Whether you have just began your pole journey or you’re a seasoned pro you can use this time to work on anything pole or dance related. Your instructor will be there to spot you and guide you in a breakdown of the skill you are striving to achieve. This class can also serve as an opportunity to ask for ideas or combos with your existing skills and tricks. It's the perfect opportunity to request dance or movement ideas or ask for constructive feedback with your existing movement. Class size will be limited so that each student has optimal one on one time with the instructor. 

Recommended skills: None

Attire: pole or yoga shorts, tank tops/sports bra, bare feet or heels.

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Open Pole/open lyra

Open pole sessions are for anyone that would like to have additional non-instructor led studio time. Open pole allows extra studio time for students to practice what they have learned and mastered in class. It can also serve as extra time to dance or film what you have learned. No inverting is allowed without prior instructor approval. No new pole tricks, sequences or transitions will be allowed without approval from an instructor. Students are not allowed to instruct other students. A crash mat will be used at all times when needed.

Recommend skills: A minimum of 6 weeks or prior pole instruction or instructor approval.